My conclusion with acher god

its just… ||annoying|| I used it and you cant die if someone in the server has it say goodbye to progress they will camp you also they do like half your health also that if they get low they just run to mars or to some interstellar planet 9999999999 light years away

I tried it and I never came close to death for the hour I played

It should be nerfed PLSPLSPLS

It is annoying when you’re a berserker or a tank, since there’s almost no way to catch up to them. But once you get warrior, it’s over for them. I think fisherman could also do the trick with its pull ability.

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its not they can run with ability

it’s ok, v2 is like a week away


ya know, wouldn’t be surprised if it got delayed again…

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But could be delayed

You saying that reminded me of the “christmas just a week away” meme from multiple years ago

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