My "highscore"

So today I literally just decided to actually try and get some coins becuz I purchased a skin I didn’t actually like :skull: … I was planning to get a lot but people ruined it. I actually didn’t mind it that much…

But anyways after a while of getting coins I got 5v1d by some teamers and died – I didn’t get very far lol but this is a highscore for players like me who don’t normally do this sort of thing (I actually find it kind of boring XD) SO ANNYWAYS my highscore is

Screenshot 2023-09-01 at 11.45.13 AM

In other words, 311K.

Before people start telling me how my “highscore” is trash (which it is, really small amount of coins) …

My question is, after a little time, a lot of boredom, and only getting this tiny amount of coins, is this really for me? Is it really worth it for me? I think not. I thought about trying again but I really don’t like doing this so I am definitely not doing this again. I don’t mean to hate on this sort of thing though – I can totally understand why people like to get on leaderboards and all, just that personally I don’t enjoy it.

I find this actually kind of funny because before I started, I thought I was going to love doing it because normally I do (in other games) but I guess not…? I started out really enthusastic and now it turns out I dont actually like it – it’s kind of annoying I wasted the time on this but still, I kind of know that if I didn’t try it now I was definitely going to try it later.

I don’t really know how to end this sooo…


I hope that’s good enough for you all :sweat_smile:)


Having a low high score is fine!
Some people purposely die because the first 100k is more fun!
My high score is around 300k as well!

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Also 95 kills is awesome!

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Thanks so much!

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I also just realized that I beat the 100k challenge that’s posted but I don’t think I would be illegible for it since I took a pic right before I died instead of when I died.

I will probably ask them if it counts

I think it does, the only thing you need is proof you did it.

I just asked @bread

@bread started the challenge - @bread will probably reply soon

Yeah, I haven’t really been able to go past 100k because it just gets boring. The highest I’ve ever gotten was 150k.

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Thanks for the feedback, have any ideas for me that would make it more enjoyable per se?

It would be smth we can add in v2.


Honestly that’s a great score! I mean the kills is kinda more impressive imo since I find it harder to get kills but that is fantastic!

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Also im guessing you had to deal with roachers

An idea would be to add bots with higher coin totals if you get enough coins, or add bigger chests that can only be damaged once you have a set amount of coins.

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Get 1 mill now

@UNglaceon8 Yes exactly like that! I feel that would make it a lot more interesting especially the chest idea.


@Undefeated_zarooma I could do that…I would just need to have more people wanting me to get to one million should I make a post or poll about that?

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I think I will

I think you should

Screenshot 2023-09-06 8.14.10 AM