My Personal Opinion on the Upgrade System

When gautam asked us to respond with something we disliked about V2, I went a little overboard. Since it was too lengthy, I decided to move all of this to a new topic:

I acknowledge that this may be an unpopular opinion, so this should be taken with a grain of salt. I’m personally not a huge fan of the upgrade system currently works. I wouldn’t say hate, that’s too strong of a word. Just not a fan of it. Maybe I’m just not used to change, but I personally prefer how stats work in V1. I liked having set stats for each evolution, since it helps with making each evolution feel unique. Sure, having different abilities for each evolution can help with uniqueness, but I think they should still have unique stats as well. Take samurai for example: the knockback resistance and speed makes it such a unique and amazing evolution.

I personally believe that stats such as damage, health, speed should be determined by the selected evolution, and should not be customizable. Again, maybe this is just my personal preference, and I’m just uncomfortable with such a big change to the game. To me, it seems a bit cursed imagining a berserker having more health than a tank, and a tank being faster than a berserker.

As for size, I also think this shouldn’t be customizable. I think it should work how it does in V1, how you would increase in size whenever you level up/get more gold, and how size can depend on the evolution. There are two reasons why I believe this is better. First, growing while you grind coins allows you to feel a sense of growth, and this growth is done automatically, not through a press of an upgrade button. This is what made grinding to 500k pretty satisfying, seeing that dramatic size increase once you hit that milestone. Second, a player’s size helps you gauge the strength of your enemies; larger enemies would be tougher while smaller enemies would be easier. With this upgrade system, it would be pretty easy to misread an opponent that hasn’t upgraded their size. While this is kind of funny to think about, I think it’s just best to avoid/prevent this confusion altogether by keeping how player size works the same.

I can see an upgrade for regeneration working, but I prefer how regeneration works in V1: how you need to avoid taking damage for a bit before you start healing, and how your amount of health affects how quickly you heal. In V2, it seems like you’re able to constantly heal up. I feel like this would change how PVP works. In V1, sword throws are helpful for preventing enemies from healing up (reseting their wait time for regeneration), but if players are able to constantly heal up, that might be a bit annoying to deal with.

All this is not to say that the upgrade system should be deleted. I do think there is potential in it. And more importantly, if the community as a whole loves it, then my personal opinion here shouldn’t matter. But here is my suggestion of how the upgrade system can be reworked.

New Upgrades:

  • Knockback
  • Resistance (knockback resistance)
  • Throw range
  • Throw speed

These are all concepts, but I feel like having these customizable stats instead would be a bit more fun to experiment around with than the current upgrade system.

Please let me know what you all think about the upgrade system and the comments that I’ve made about it.


I wont dare even read it :)))

Man I got losted

wont this be hard because you cant see how far you throw and anyways your sword already goes on forever

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