My Suggestion

Here are my suggestions:

Suggestion Comment
Server for Australia Whenever I play on my iPad, it’s laggy
Unable-to-kill-people feature So if someone teams up and they fight together they might accidentally stab (and maybe kill) their teammate.
Name colour Basically you change the colour of your name and everyone sees it that way

Some people have different colors

There isa filter

That’s stupid

There needs to be people

Answered in reverse

Then tell me how you change the colour of your name

Oh well

No it’s not

There is

I’m not an idiot

U cant change it. Staff has red thats it. Only gautam can change

Yes it is. Learning to work with a team is part of it. Plus it gives the targeted oerson a chance if theyre smart

A LOT of people. Enough to sustain. Theres already talk of closing down usa2. let alone open a new server

I never said u were

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Then it’s not added yet.

Colour Description
White Normal kid playing
Blue Person who turned on “Show country in-game”
Red Staff

It wont be added. Blue is for people who have an account. Country flag is for people who turned on country


no… there is not… hey mate, I dunno if ur a aussie or not but do you ever see aussie servers in io games?? Not really if it’s a big io game like taming or deip there usually is a sydney server buuuuuut our game dev is a 15 year old in America do you really think he cares about austalia

Also America has 10 times the population…


How would the unable to kill people feature work?

maybe a team feature?

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…if your teammate has to leave
They ask you to kill them
You can’t


No I like hitting my teammates plus I like hitting people into each other and playing ping pong




Also boosting people can’t be possible if you can’t harm them


Actually this might be coming after v2. Australia is the biggest playerbase after the US and UK

Read this → Swordbattle is played in 170 countries?

Again while teaming is not against the rules or anything it’s really annoying and many players don’t like it, so I’m not gonna protect them further

Maybe when there’s a team or battle royale mode sure.

I think this will make the game a lot more confusing. While its not a bad idea, I want to eventually make it so that clans can choose a color or you can get cooler colors as you level up.

Maybe I might add name colors as a cosmetic in v2, but probably not by the looks of it. Sorry.


@gautam if you add Australia you should get rid of us2 and just make a North America server

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Canada is fourth in player count but instead of doing a dedicated server I feel like it would be better to do one usa server and one North America server. logic being that the UK doesn’t have it’s own server, it has Europe.

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will other cosmetics be added (like those suggested in my v2 dump?)
purely curious not advertising i swear

Then there should be a “turn off” button for that feature in-game

Why don’t you remove the USA1 server? The USA1 server is for Canada and there are more people in Australia (and US) that play Swordbattle than in Canada.

Ok guess I have to be careful not to kill my teammates.

Ok I reckon you should add it as a cosmetic so people can buy it. That way it’s not confusing. It’s just a suggestion.

He should get rid of US1 since US1 is a Canadian server

killer has a better suggestion. why disclude people in canada if u can include them?


Worst take I’ve ever seen. That is blatant discrimination