My youtube channel if you wanna check it out

Here is my youtube channel, check it out if you want to, its mostly black ops games, but iโ€™ll eventually post some on my channel the minute i can do it




Nice, what games do you play?

I play black ops 3, cold war will soon be played, but as well thats pretty much it, since i stream on PS4 right now

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Do you play any Zelda games?
I Like to play Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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I unfortunately do not have any of the Zelda games

They are so fun though, If you have a Nintendo switch they are definitely a must-buy.

I do have a nintendo switch, but my mom keeps it hidden, i canโ€™t even play it


She just does, i havenโ€™t even used it for about a month now

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