Name change + clan + new evol!?

Hello, as you know in game i go by shadow rider
but i got thinking there are so many people with shadow in there name
wait for it…

I was thinking that the shadow clan shall now be in. ofcourse i as leader and as for the first shadow @Shadowblade if you’d please be co-leader. In addition, I’m changing my name to Shadow cvefy yes thats right my og name is back. And lastly

The shadow evol.
I have no idea what to do for skin so come to me with ideas
the abilty for the shadow evol should be “latch”
like a shadow it follows you
by using the latch ability you teleport to any player above 5k and you will become a shadow being right under the player. but be fast you’re only there for 10 seconds. then you will come out to the open.

Please put this in considerition. As for now in a old post I was suppose to get me and harsh’s skin in game if you don’t remember the unicorn skin was to be added but it never was. Comsic was going to add but as you can see…

Thanks for youe time, Shadow cvefy


he’s already in ck i think

i am too im angels son

im co-leader of CK

Great to see your OG name back :slight_smile:

But yeah, I’m still in CK, even though I don’t have it in my username. I’m just waiting for the clan update to drop before I am officially back in CK. I think Angel might be doing the same. It’s just nice to have just my regular name for a while.

I’d be lying if I said I’m not interested in starting a new clan, but I’m still loyal to CK. If Angel allows it, I’d be happy to be co-leader of this new clan, and have it as my second clan (something quite a lot of people do). But I’ve seen how that went down during the Undefeated vs CK War. :skull:

There was a war?!

yes ofc lolll

war lol, that would be fun to happen again

im officially starting a war with every other clan
(my clan is totally gonna win)

i end said war, not worth it

aw i missed it…


War is an exaggeration it was merely like two deaths lol

3 clans? total? I boutta do something funny

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