New clan cuz everyone is making one

Ok, so this will be a clan for grinding. If anybody wants to grind in peace, and not be attacked join this clan. If anybody attacks members of our clan, then you can attack them, (there will be a clan blacklist), but besides that no attacking (bots are allowed ofc). You must have 1mil xp to join this clan.

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so like an incredibly passive clan

Yeah basically.

mv better

@Frumpy be spitting facts tho

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What does mv mean?

microwave clan

like yb better but instead of youngboy its microwave


NAh gucci GANG 9;

more like goofy gang


why not just join microwave clan instead? you can grind with us

your clan teams with traitors

nope u have no evidence

So now I’m gonna target you :innocent:

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i didnt team with a traitor :(


Tbh, I am thinking of joining a clan…
Maybe yours, maybe not, Ill just have to see what options there are in the future.

That was in reply to the topic