NEW CLAN: Instinct {IT}

I’m making a clan called Instinct! The tag will be {IT} or [IT]. It’s open to anyone that its pretty good at SB. It’s a chill clan, so just be nice and have fun :slight_smile: ! If you are interested in joining, just feel free to change your tag to {IT}. Thank you!

P.S. I took a break from SB to focus on school, but now I’m back and better than ever!


You’re… you’re alive. Where on earth did you go


Ah hmmm

Did anyone ever see his storm dragon skin?

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Can you show the link or topic cause I not sure


Hm seams like a similar art style to some other skins he had done

Tons of old people are coming back!

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Yeah. I took a break from sb to focus on school.

Yeah that was a while ago lol

Willcu finish it?

Come back

I finished the skin but I don’t know how to make a sword lol

IT can u pls fix my computer (lol this is not making fun its just a joke)

We need @SliceAnd_DiceTheReal back now and sea and storm


I remember you

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It looks kinda fishy…

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He’s remaking it

looks like it is from google

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