hes 13 or 12

acts like a 8 year old

I declare war on hd clan and whatever clan ghost on bc I don’t tolerate bullying new ppl

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im signing oy up for the clan as we speak (im not)

Battle is a girl???

Yea XD

Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either

cough cough Lamborghini is better:) cough cough

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Let Me Guess clan of random top 100 Players that don’t actually have skill?


one of their co-owners asked me to do war against them
so I joined gvost

Many of you think I’m annoying so I’ll stop doing stuff that you think is annoying. I’m sorry and please be my friend.

(Im 13 years old)

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Well, I’ve never met you in-game, so idk. If you’re roaching or spawnkilling, that’s considered annoying, so be sure not to do those things. I’m personally not a fan of teamers.

But don’t mind them, some players here are just bloodthirsty. They are nice people once you get to know them tho :slight_smile:

So true so true, I mean… I’m totally not a bloodthirsty guy:)