New evolution suggestion

So after knight, there could be a “lightning bolt” evolution (no Flash copyright lol) maybe use Zarooma’s skin.

Instead of one main power, you could have an energy bar that goes down when you teleport to other players via (button) except you teleport randomly around the area you click. To keep it a little less overpowered, when you teleport, your attack speed would slow down for 3 seconds.


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I font get it

its the tp idea evol but after tp you attack speed goes down

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Tp will cause too much lag tho. And too hard to cod3


speed is already there for knight and vampire

Also tp can get you killed in some cases.


Depends how you code the tp. if you do like tp to a random location its easy, but if its like some where in front of you. It would be very very hard to code.

its need to be more powerful, like tp good and all but I could just use knight and go to someone fast. Like if I tped I could get 1 hit in and he can prob just run lol. Adding on to this Im betting a 1000 dollars tp will lead to major exploits.

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I agree but…. What if it is only a certain range like maybe enough to reach the mysterious maps out side of the map where stuck in

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Make it so it can randomly tp in a box, like 400 by 400 so nothing breaks… And if you really got time make it tp away from entities like players, bots, etc.

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Nice idea I agree @Novafly-alt I am really looking forward to this If it happens.

That would be could nice idea @Undefeated_zarooma

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