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Now that v2 is realsing soon, I decided to have a quick walk back on memory lane. And what better to do that with a competition!
Each challenge will have to do with a month on the forum. It is completely individual ,and the competition starts on Friday.

It will be called: Idk, do you guys have any ideas? Winner will receive a prize!
(Can some og’s help with the first challenge? It will be for January and February of 2022 if that helps)

Just a heads up, I think you accidentally set the poll to close on December 2003, not December 3rd. We can’t sign up.

A: this is alt acc but do I count as OG?

B: TGFB 2.0

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alt for who

Yeah. I’ll probably just let other users have suggestions, you can too! (Also welcome back)!

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same name, with extra numbers

I have played sb ever since the kaboom jam on replit, and you had to enter the name devil to get the devil skin, am I an OG?

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I can help with chalanges

We have 10 users currently. If we get 20, I will close the poll and start the competition early.


am I OG enough to help with first? @glaceon8 read the post above too

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This was probably Glaceon’s response

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Not help, but suggest.

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okay, suggest what?

a shrimp

The challenge.

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its your challenge, I should not help unless judge.

Okay then, don’t.

i sign up.

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