New PFP V2

To commemorate V2 coming out I made new pfp
So which one is better


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Any suggestions to add anything (penguin plush, kirby anything)?

Inspired by Uri’s campaign poster

Original PFP: My Pfp

Edit: Try to find the source of the image I refereanced


Maybe add a cute l’il penguin on your shoulder like in your og pfp?


Penguin on shoulder will go good with it penguin

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For now I will go with 2nd one

2 is way better.

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2 looks like your about to kill me :+1:
psh… nothin personnel… kid

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Penguin on shoulder

What else should I add?



Oh and can I just say that sentence isn’t biased at all and I don’t know why one would think that

where should I add it

other shoulder? might be too much idk

@wasd send me an image of what compass you want me to use

A generic compass ig? But it should have a face you can use my pfp for reference for the inside and the exterior can look like this

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Sorry not adding it to pfp but I’m working on something else now so I would add a compass to that
As a compass are you an animate thing?

There’s no Kirby, L pfp

You got more toxic since when I made my first pfp…

‘‘twas a joke

Ok My heart is still scarred though

I honestly do not mind let your imagination run wild lol

Hmmmm i dont know how to make a compass look good standing