New Skin! [Obsidian]

I made a skin for the first time, and i was hoping u could take it into consideration? i doubt it tho lol.
Obsidian Skin
Obsidian Sword


@gautam if you dont want to add, can u tell me if it meets the requirements for future situations or drawing skins?

add more detail

This skin is op when you turn off the lights

I made a cool skin (‘Obsidian’)
Obsidian Sword
Obsidian Skin

I dont care the price

View on computer

I am on computer, it’s just a black circle with a white half circle

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Look closely at the bottom left

@_CK_Duel only post stuff about itt here


U posted the image in post skins andi linked it here. Stop posting there

ok sorry

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@ManagePasswords @gautam will this be added?


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