...new styling method

So you may know about styling in swordbattle.io… that includes 360s and flicks… but today I discovered a new type of styling…

180s. Basically like a 360 cut in half, so instead of making a quick circle before hitting your opponent, a 180 is like when you look backwards, then forwards again really quickly and then you hit.

Do you guys like to style or is it just me lol


Bro this has been here for ages and i scalled flicking


Us pro’s Dont do that look behind and stuff you were doing it RIght now and I was doing it

Fix your:

Game sense


Timing your hits


No I like the 360s better and wht manage said about 180s it has been around forever.


@ManagePasswords I know it’s not like a new thing…

It’s just 180s are way way less common and less used than 360’s and flicking and such.

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I normally don’t do this with players actually (it only works the best in early game anyways), only bots…

otherwise it doesn’t work (past Warrior evol i mean)

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