New to fourm

hi i am new and trying to make friends so don’t fear me and I am the second member of Octopi
because my brother is frager so I am infusion so just trying to make friends


haii, welcome to the forums

i hear there’s a great battle going on here (NOOOOO I’m not supposed to advertise!!!)

Welcome to the forum! Have fun here!

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OUr mom teached us better


Hello Infusion knowing Frager I’m sure you’re chill

you might need this:

oh wow :] you got a brother on forum now frager

idk know about that :))

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A Classic brotherly rivalry

Hmm whos older?

me hes 7th 12 and im 8th 14

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So pretty close

Im older than him : D

Infusion, I think we got off on the wrong foot. Hi, I’m Flame. What do you like about the forum?

i thought this forum was for over 13

i mean after a couple of weeks hes gonna be 13 :))

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He just wants to troll or just tbh to have fun but I think he wont get off memeber before getting bored

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Wait forum is!?!?!?!? Oh man…
I might just have to leave forever til I’m 13…

I didn’t know……… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::cry:

idk abt the things he said in general this morning tho