New update!

So I went on and I noticed the new homescreen - and I knew right away this would be awesome. ( it looked awesome!!) and because of the homescreen, I knew - it must be the fall/halloween update!

So I went in and…

it looked great. It had new textures that I loved!!! (i loved the leaves especially; and the zombie skins are soo good I loved em) the coins physics looked like they are changed as well so it looks infinitely better when you collect them and break chests/kill people.

when I spawed on there was so many zombies lol i was undead as soon as I spawned. I loved this update as soon as I spawned in. I still needa find out more about the zombies tho - but before I logged off I remembered something and went on the skins menu…

as promised, the pumpkin skin was free!

this is a really good update wow

(NOTE: to anyone who read my original post that is because the first time I spawned in I was glitched so that’s why my opinion was so different from the two versions)


lol its fixed lemme fix my post XD

ignore everything that’s written thats unedited

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