New Ways to PvP

So I was thinking about different methods of PvPing. I already know how to 360, and regular pvp, and hit combos, and skewering. Any more methods you guys use to pvp?


Timed hitting
Ranged pvp (archergod route)
(Using swords to pull back others (fisherman)

Good idea! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

I use the ones that twofoursixeight said.

mine is


dodge attack


dodge attack

if you get hit, use the

hit 2x (hit 2 times)

dodge (recover health at least for a second)

Roundhouse Hit (hit him from around)

and throw sword if he tries to run

I usually use hit and dodge because I never had to go that deep into my combo the only time I did was against frumpy

Tell me about the ones you have listed and how to do them

these are great ways to pvp. I used all these strats and instantly got better at pvp. ty for the great advice, this is exactly what im hoping for!

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no problemo

I don’t stick to a defined set of attacks. The issue is, situations often differ. For example, what if there are bits around? Or if there’s a tree? I suggest going with the flow, while only going through with a few rules.

  1. Feint. There is a fine line as to when to feint and when not to. Baiting is a crucial bit of this game, especially for duels between slower evolutions.
  2. For the faster evolutions, attack is crucial. With a shorter cooldown, try to push the enemy. Vamp has some pretty nice hit regen while in ability, while knight, berserker, and fisher all deal heavy damage while in the ability form. Note, berserker doesn’t go that fast, so knock back is an issue. Try to corner if possible. Also keep track of enemy cooldowns. While the warriors ability is undoubtedly the best, the cooldown is 100 seconds. If you are a knight, and use the ability to force the warriors cooldown, your cooldown will end before the enemies, and you can use it again.
  3. If you come into contact with someone who can pull off delayed hits proficiently, then you’re done. Everything you know goes down the drain. Get a friend, or three, and then come back. A person who can use delayed hits well is nigh unbeatable. However, I don’t think you will find anyone. I invented the concept of delayed hits, and I’m not that great with it. So……fear me lol.

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