Octopi Clan Update

So all of knew that @Acol quit and passed down the clan owner ship to me nothing will be changed we will stil do the same things and lets just hope he will come back

I mean our activites will be the same and our website will come out like in the next month or two so keep a look out for that

Want to join the clan Dm me @Frager201

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Rest in Peace Acol… :disappointed_relieved:

Acol will come back in 2 days lol just watch

Oh.Ok IM NEW TOO OK :slight_smile:

Wth did you get wrong topic?

no, just reminding him :slight_smile:

How is that relevant at all this is just how acol is leaving and giving clan leader to frager

idk :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

if u got back to the chats he sent in the alt @Rezerze you can find it in general tbh i dont know why

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@Frager201 can u make zarooma take the underscore from has name beginning?

ok ill ask him

why, whats wwrong with it?

Hard to ping

oh right make sense.

i know i was asking how was what he said relevant to that

lol your welcome

it still not changed -__-

yep {:<

okay changed (:

Oh my god
I ain’t even gonna bother no more