Ombre Skin

Ombre Skin
Price: 850k
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Nice skin… not sure if the symbol is copyright or anything… but isn’t valentines usually represented by pink, red, hearts, etc? But it is a decent skin… I would just use a different name/colors.

Correct me if there’s some hidden meaning of brown or the symbol :rofl:


chocolate is supposed to resemble romance, that’s the brown

looks nice

i made the symbol myself, supposed to be the fake brand of chocolate. Also, chocolate is commonly given on valentine’s day.

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i would buy this how much would it cost

like 800k or so

Alright that makes sense, thanks.

Maybe add some sort of color, otherwise it just looks bland. Also, what does ombre mean?

its a type of chocolate blend

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i just realized you already put the price up there lol i agree that a little color would make it better i hope it gets added

frumpy jc how do u get owners pet title

Havecoder like a post you made.

Whats the F



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