Guys i beat the No.1 player all time in a 1v1 and he was a respectable opponent he prolly was not trying but still im very happy and also i Beat No.10 of this week leader board with ezz (not to sound toxic) (i also beat his teammate and him very easily)


Weekly XP leaderboard doesn’t matter that much, but congrats on winning!

… wanna 1v1 rn?

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1v1 me if you’re really that good


1v1 me gautam

1v1 me

1v1 ME lol

Alr usa 1

1v1 me

Run my ones join usa 1 jkjkjk
Coder would body me hes best pvp player no cap

I demand a rematch , my fingers were oily

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You beat acol just going to say he was last seen 4 days ago so not really possible

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nahh 1v1 me gautum

Mines where cut off rematch

ok i will


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