Only Europe Server

Guys on my screen it only shows Europe as a server nothing else… there is always only like 1 player, can y’all help?

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I don’t know what’s going on on your end, but mine is fine

Hi please let me know what URL your using, and also if you are on a school wifi.

Technically we only officially support the main url if it’s a proxy or other url it might be that the client hasn’t been updated to the latest code published on Github


Iit is the bot that stays in the corner of the server when there is no one so there is enough coins….

This is the only link that works, well swordbattle is blocked so I used to use this but when I got back from my break only Europe shows.

Look it happens to USA too! I probabaly see it more often since I’m British though

Most likely, its because of time zones.

Can anyone help fix this?

I mean it isn’t a bad thing necessarily it helps me know which servers are dead and which have people online

For me it doesn’t even show usa2 anymore and USA is ‘offline’ and Europe is always 1 player

Wait what? Huh for me it works but that does seem like a serious issue

when i join europe server they put thier name

For me it’s exactly like you, but the player totals and ping for USA 2 and europe are switched.

Yea makes sense lol

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Wait I realised something… why isn’t it the same as when I’m in the server?

I think that for some reason, the home screen displayes the value of your server as 10, and the others as 1 even if its not true.

i have it to there less people

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