Opportunity to earn $5

Hello, I’m very interested on swordbattle. io game and I made a Bounty for a simple task. Mainly I want to make my own local server of swordbattle. io on Replit. If you are experienced with Replit and Swordbattle source, you can apply to my Bounty here:



Bro just fork swordbattle.io then run it… Or go to git hub go to the three dots and download the code then make it a html and open the index.html…

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That only runs the client, I want to host the server too so I can have a personal server with me and my friends.

Then just get free server hosting /;
Or put the github code in replit you would technically run it but it will be laggy af.

Can you do it for me? I’ll pay you. Just submit your Bounty application.

I dont want cash…

Will you do it for free? I think it’ll be valuable to the community

Not really…

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WAIT he did not use a html to run sword battle tf?

what do you want done in simple terms

I can still run it in replit so like idc /;

  • make a template that easily run swordbattle locally on a repl (server and client)
  • submit a PR to swordbattle repo with a README change adding the template so people can use

i can do it this weekend

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Ok, can you apply to the Bounty on replit


Blud just fork swordbattle on replit, it runs the server and client

Why not to selfhost it?

Its just a redirect

Once I get it running on replit thatsmy next plan :grin:

alr i applied for the bounty, wait a few hours for replit to approve my application


I did it…