Optimus Prime in swordbattle?

One day, while playing Swordbattle.io, players noticed a new challenger enter the arena. It was none other than Optimus Prime! He had been transported to the game world after a malfunction in the game’s code.

Players were amazed to see him and immediately began to fight against him. However, they soon realized that he was too powerful and could not be beaten. He had all of his signature moves and weapons, including his giant sword.

Players then tried to outsmart Optimus Prime by using tactics and strategies, but he was too quick for them. He quickly defeated all of the players, leaving them in awe of his power.

As if that weren’t enough, Optimus Prime then proceeded to join the game’s leaderboard and became the highest ranking player. He remained in the top spot for weeks, until the game’s developers finally fixed the bug and he vanished back to his own universe.

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Prob my worst story ever

def but

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