People not wanting skins ingame

This is a completely fictional scenario so don’t say it isn’t realistic

But what if someone made a bunch of skins that go into game and then wanted them removed or then copyrighted them what happens next? Do people get refunds or is it even possible for them to be allowed to take the skins down,


Were actually working on tht. I asked gautam to make a way to refund skins i remove and if he does it abt 40 skins r on the list to be removed


Good, because there are a LOT of skins.

Ik so imma remove


If this topic becomes popular enough ill gove the list


wait is frameworks one of them?

Have you used the skin?

yes thats the only skin i use and the only skin i bought so i only have frameworks defult 1yr and mysterious other one i can’t find and never bought

Im using the elements skin until one of the skins i make come out (never)

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let me guess, all of them are mine. mine suck

I feel like this would discourage skin creators

I think starry night i staying. I wouod keep painting but u need to fill upmore of theskin bc people dont like the rectangle

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Bro one of my skins got in and I can’t afford it ):

wait you have to pay to keep a skin in the game?

No one of my skins are in the game I just don’t have money to use it it will still stay there

oh ok

Lmao isnt that what everyone wants?

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