Petition to ban a very toxic meanie

So this @saw dude has been bullying me and my bestie @bluegen2 for quite some while now. He repeatedly attacks @bluegen2 in all of his posts, poking fun at him while also making insensitive jokes about the topic of schizophrenia. He also mocks @bluegen2 for making posts about his clan and spawnkills him ingame too. Lately, @saw has taken to saying rude things about me behind my back, no doubt attempting to sabotage my relationship with @bluegen2. This has wounded me deeply! I was wondering if there is any way to stop this thug as I am on the verge of tears right now. He has no intention to stop his harassment and I think that unless action is taken, he will continue his mockery of me and my pookie until we inevitably end ourselves.

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yessir i agree deeply

so now we have 2 votes to ban him. I think @futurepear made a rule once(I am quite certain of this) that once 3 people vote to ban someone, they will be banned immediately.

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ask him in dm

Ok :D

yessir thats 3 @7Clappz we got enough

ok @futurepear. Do your job

Bro wth

First off I have not spawnkilled bluegen in game. If anything, he kills me in game when I’m at lvl 1 and just spawned in since he’s too scared to fight me at a higher level. He’s extremely over sensitive and even an “ez” will make him mad enough. Second this kid stole my avatar idea and is now apparently trying to get me banned, why tf tho would you steal someone’s avatar, especially a person that you hate. Third of all this 9 year old is now telling me to die, which is a pretty serious threat. Fourth, he has been sending false information regarding clans saying that tc and thunder merged or whatever and consistently spams his messages, which should honestly be considered a violation. If anything this kid should be banned, not me.

  1. u spawn kill me just as much
  2. my avatar is cuz i like it
  3. u deserve a ban
  4. im 11
  5. im not sensitive
  6. i havent violated the code or else i would’ve gotten a warning

I disagree, not just because saw was a member of my clan. If saw should be banned, so should 7clappz, because he was more toxic than any player, even prookl or every DN member.

Idc if you like it it’s basically a stolen idea

And btw I haven’t said anything as bad as “die child saw”, if I should be banned, then why shouldn’t you (lmao his post got flagged (and now you have violated the code and got a warning))

I said you were 9 (I was only 2 years off but still), but you called monke a 3 year old, and apparently I’m toxic? At this point I feel like you’re just trying to 1-UP me with the avatar and all.

Being toxic doesn’t automatically make you a better player

I advise you to chill tf out and stop being an over sensitive hypocrite, otherwise I will be the one reporting you and you will be getting banned

Funny how he’s quiet after I just debunked him

How am I toxic? I am literally just standing up for my friends hmmph!

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No. That is cap, big meanie.

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Does teaming, insulting, and spawn killing ring a bell? Also, you are standing up for a toxic kid.

Prove it prove it prove it

Imagine having schizophrenia