Petition to ban a very very toxic meanie

So this @bluegen2 dude has been making false claims and trying to get me banned from and the forum for a while now. He keeps stealing my account status and is now making false claims about clans that aren’t his this has gone so extreme that he’s even told me “die child saw” and called me gay for no apparent reason.
Screenshot 2024-06-10 190659

Not only does he do all of this but he loves spamming and violated the policies a few times. I believe he is trying to steal tc and pd, along with hg, and is of course working with the infamous toxic clan stealer 7clappz.

Please help ban this toxic guy to make the realmz community better by DM’ing futurepear or an admin telling whoever to ban this kid.

Anyways, unless you are a toxic meanie like User_Annonymus and his friends, which I believe most of you are, have a nice day and thx for actually reading this far.


What?!! I am not an infamous toxic clan stealer. You fiend!!!

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@TheDarkLord should see this

you are all evil schemers, trying to defame me and ruin my good name.

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I agree.

With him or me

You are not “an infamous toxic clan stealer”. You are a toxic troller who likes to bully people and say insults because that is the only thing in the entire universe that gives you happiness.

me, of course

prove it >:C

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that’s ez

You, of course.

“ez” is toxic. Get banned

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wow ur becoming more sensitive than @bluegen2

wow, resorting to shame @bluegen2 again. Classic bully move.

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and how would you know?

well of course, since you’re well experienced in it

Um, ik it because you do it all the time and then @bluegen2 starts to cry. I’m pretty sure I can recognize that as a bully-victim scenario.

how would you know that?

are you stalking him?

@TheDarkLord Hmm, seems like you are conveniently ignoring this

No, I infer it from how saddened he seems in his messages.

Darklord doesn’t need to, i’ll do it