Petition to ban a very very toxic meanie

even if it did happen, there’s no way you would’ve memorized that word for word lmao

since when is trying to kill you as a lvl 4 archer when you had railgun considered spawnkilling?

thats not wut i mean

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He no gaslight

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wow this actually got 1 like

thx monkey d. luffy

:nerd_face: i can be toxic bc I don’t play this game

“I can get more evidence trust me bro”
Also you’re disregarding the context and the tone of clappz

Ahh thank you. I was wondering what fallacy these meanies were using here.

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good job providing 2 messages of proof. Now let’s look at how much I amassed in 2 minutes of scrolling


13 minutes later, there’s still nothing

I am talking about this, honey