phantom gone? (for real this time)

alright I wasn’t planning this and I surprised. because I checked before I decided to make this of if anyone already announced or talked about it. it turns out nobody did. it a pain to make it but I wanna get it out before it hurts more. phantom is also now @anon_327

so let start:
a homie/friend named phantom is either gone or left. I just realized in DM I saw this
when I clicked on the DM I realized this was phantom. yes phantom I serious phantom is now anon

here more proof
phantom is a mobile player and has a SB alt acc with neg gems called V E N O M

yeah Idk what to say here but phantom gone sadly R.I.P phantom. I feel very sad now I cannot continue this maybe later I make it a wiki

rip phantom (idk them)

bye bye

Well, cya Phantom

Phantom’s acc didn’t get anon since when you get anon you usually have more numbers like for example “anon36273238” and not “anon_327” I am pretty sure.


You are right he just decided to do it himself I’m pretty sure


already made this topic before u and why u leaving

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