Please read cosmic

well all u peeps r dead to me
Screenshot 2022-11-30 5.41.03 AM
actually, i want to make a truce see i knew i wasn’t going to win tht but it was kinda fun not teaming with some people and killing them if anything this kinda just proves the point tht we need clans. i hope u can attept my peace treaty for all the trouble i cost.

signed by FOOD TRUCK FAN 500
also thts my name bec acol was chasing me

  • truce??
  • decline
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U’re food truck fan? Like friends with sageeee

uh my friends call me cvefy and yes the one and only

looke if u dare

sageee is my gf


know wht???

and i know a few relationships in sword…

Irl? Is that why u bullied me lol

The other day after depre left

And Mizuki is mine. yor point?

no just online
and u though i was bulling u i am so sry but u were being wierd talking bout *** and all


Lol bro it was a joke stay calm ok I didnt know sry next time team plz? Lol

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Look at the vote…

u r messed up stop trying

you know its true

reported :slight_smile:

dont care they will prob ban for a short time and i have a couple alts

they also banned alts dum dum

i looked cuz i dared