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originally from @Number1, but it was not authorized by me. This one is though so go all out

What’s your favorite flavor of dog

“hmm I think i have a good name for our team name” -prookl, moments before disaster

jack terrier

Whats your favorite form of bullying


How many kids do you have in your basement

He was just a normal student, until the day he came up with an elaborate plan for terrorism.

dont have a basement

What’s your favorite felony

“whats the most normal warcrime to commit” Prookl most likely


Want to see my collection of active nukes?

what’s the best way to overload a fusion reactor in an educational facility

i really need to know


Unpopular opinion worms are good

Unpopular opinion dirt is delicious

I mean tbf it does have worm flavouring in it

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dirt with extra dirt