purple chests despawning while being broken...

so i was chilling on sb, trying to break a purple chest when it just despawned! very annoying, but i get the logic.

the chest stays in existance for a certain amount of time, then despawns when the time is up.

but here is a suggestion to limit this…

add 4 minutes to the timerwhenever a player comes near to the chest (add a player detection), and it should solve it pretty nicely!


Yeah it isn’t just purple chests its all of the chests but purple takes longer to break so its more common with it

Its just bugged optimization

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yeah its more noticable for purple chests but it happens with others like you said

:+1: yep

Agreed! Timer should start to remove a chest after last player interaction. Not during interaction!!

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honestly a big skill issue

  • chests will despawn after some time by default
  • if a chest is rendered on a players screen it can’t despawn while it is being displayed
  • once the chest is no longer showing on the players screen the despawn timer will start
  • if the player hits the chest right before the chest leaves the screen then there will be a ~30s delay before the despawn timer starts

how is this possible? the purple chest i was breaking despawned just as i was about to break it

Chest despawn changed from 10 mins to 60 mins, should be less common once this rolls out.

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got it, sounds good!