Question about TL4

Continuing the discussion from Moderator Election of 2023:

Does anyone how close I am to getting elected to TL4?

Or, is it based off of forum behavior?

Not going to beg for it, I just was wondering. I’m sure TL4 is valuable and giving it to the wrong people can cause chaos.


Tl4 can only be given by gautam, same with mod.


moderators can also give TL4


You just have to work hard through the forum and gain trust from many people
that is the hard way

or you can just put an .io game on to the forum but gautam may just decide not to give it to you

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Keep in mind that it’ll be an election, so you’ll have to compete with all the other TL3 members here. Make a good impression, do what you can to help others.

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tl4 cannot be earned by doing certain things on forum, like tl1 to tl3 are. you can only get tl4 when you are promoted by gautam. it is up to him to judge whether you are worthy of tl4 or not.

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