Question? Dev3x

When i first joined the forum dev3x was the first people to follow me. Yes, @Frumpy followed my first. But just curious i never see him active or see him cmmenting on forum. Only the really old messages that were like around June/July 2022 (Way before i joined the forum) So, where did he go? did he just leave the forum?

Yes he abandoned us…

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oof. then why is he still mod?

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idek but he was a great person I tell yah



yea he was my 2nt 3rd follower after zarmonna

So this is why I felt summoned I think school got in the way

I think cause he pops on evrey day real quick

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wait is there a way to see ur followers first to last?

Not that I know of

no, i just know thaat frumpy was my frist follow.

oh ok

Yeah, as Zarooma said, likely school.your gonna see more people become inactive in May when exams are.

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dev3x was my first follower, he was a cool guy, but after, i haven’t seen him much

Dev3x is one of the best mods there is…


Dev3x called me SALAPADABASSA and salad

Well remember what we thought your name was originally XD

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Oh yeah, I guess what he called me was an upgrade…

Yes sir lol

I think this is the first inactive mod…