Who is the most famous person (besides coder) in the forum community?

  • Manage
  • Zarooma
  • Acol
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Tell me if I missed anyone!


me >;3

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i would say me but only 1 person knows me


I may be a mod- soon :upside_down_face:
Im 14 days from tl3 only thing is will people vote for me?
prob not TwT ngl-

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@god ofc.

In the forum, out of those 4 zarooma is most active and I think therefore more well known. Angel is a VERY close second, if it was forum and game Angel would be first


I kinda do lol

not pog TwT- I could be a dev I added a pq to the github thing


all the code is prob wrong but flow works got saw nothing wrong (;

Definitely not me as like nobody knows I even exist- :skull:


Listen, I’m just going off of what’s up there. Also you’re relatively new.

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ehhh- ehhhh im pog so that makes me a OG

how u check the days u need to be tl3

Ask a mod-

Only they can see it…

Here is my list manage me then angel or acol but that in active as for most liked angel manage and me get uh people mad (:

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yo zap how many days until i be tl3

See, you’re new and not as well known.