Quite Strange

I am intrigued by this curiosity.

What does it mean?

Note that the red outline is already there, that is not me editing the image.

It only happened to me once, and I am now unable to replicate it. Although I assure you, it was real. As real as you and me.


Okay, I know this sounds bad, but I swear it’s real.


Hmmmmmmmmmmm :thinking: I wonder if I should believe you hmmmmmmm

How do you know I am real hmmmm?


True, I don’t. But it’s as real this conversation.

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How do you know this conversation is real and you are not talking to a robot hmmmmm?

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…Well then. :)


Can you click it?

Chat-GPT be Likeeeee

I know you are real I can see you (I don’t think you are a android…)

So, what is swordbattle.io all about. I can’can’t get on cuz I have a school Chromebook and I don’t have a vpn

It is more or less about hitting people like in the videos and also making and destroying friendships also rage quitting which I haven’t done in a while actually

This is Guatum giving you a message to buy more skins

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