Real tier list v2

S: King Puma, 7clappz, Lazorbak, Dormantspeed
A: Prookl, Impister, Annoynymous, Jakarius, gokublackrose
B: Hitman, Fishy, Minion
C: Agent guys
F: everyone else (let me know if i missed anyone)

mostly accurate but im probably bottom S tier cuz im rusty but still not horrible
Good tier list.
(Imposter and anonymous are the same person)


yea, i’d guess why i’m an F tier, i’m not that good

yo i saw you ingame for like a couple seconds


and if you want to spell anonymous its (anonymous)

How tf goku balck rose i smoked him like so much is in A tier?

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thats pretty accurate

idk how YOU play tho


im talking about puma

o i thought u were talking abt fshy

W, very accurate

fr, im better than bro

wheres im at

u goku balck?

missed me puma i think im prob a

xD dats funny sokushi

F, you’re not on the tierlist