Realmz in desperate need of performance upgrades

I recently had the bright idea to play realmz on my Xbox One X (attaching my keyboard and mouse ofc), a great beast with 1TB storage as well as 12GB of DDR5 RAM and a 6TFLOP GPU with a custom 8-core CPU inside of a custom OS built for the best performance for gaming. AND YET IT LAGS? This thing can play RDR2 at a VERY stable 30 fps (so smooth it feels like 60) and some 2d ahh web game CANNOT REACH 30???


If this is true realmz 100% need to get a performance update

Yeah and this is on a Xbox’s Microsoft Edge, which was stripped of lots of features and thus has better performance compared to normal MSE (which in of itself also had better performance than chrome)

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I have laptops that are 2 decades old that get 60fps
This is an issue with your xbox…

Xbox web browser is heavily unoptomized so that’s prob why

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idk man this xbox is some pretty reliable stuff. I played several other web games and all else ran flawlessly, including emulators. I tried a couple (small) 3D web games and they ran well, too.

Xbox web browser is Microsoft Edge. Just Microsoft Edge with extensions gone, and some “control” also gone. Arguably, stripping features away would make it run better. As far as I can see online, all users’ issues are to do with their streaming performance (and all these issues were reported over a year ago). As you know, realmz is not a video stream and it uses the canvas element. Should run fine.

EDIT: I must say though, browsers on the Xbox are sandboxed to prevent malware, slightly decreasing performance. This is still no excuse for a machine of this power to reach less than 30 fps.

I use a chromebook that can only handle about 10 tabs and easily overheats to around 95 celsius. I get 60 fps. I dunno what is going on with your Xbox.