's Evil Secret

Have you seen the teasers with mobs? The worm bird and dragonfly and rhino? Those were years ago, but theh were never added?
Thats right - the developers do this because they hate you.
The developers are greedy for profit and suffering. They keep features away from you and laugh at you.

If i were you I would boycott realmzmio.

Thank you for listening


bro what did u even hear the reason why?

Yes. It is because he is greedy

who is this guy?

Me. The Exposer

another gautam alt…

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I can assure you… i am not a Gautam alt.

i feel like it to but it ins’t

Take this down bruv

my bro is scared to get exposed

You’re the moderator XD

yeah bro why don’t you take it down instead and ban em? is there something we don’t know that not letting you do it or?

Ohhhh yeah

XD way to go forgetting that lmao

Truly shocking!!!

bro :skull: ain’t no way bro forgot he was an mod bro

bruh what da hellll

Bro ban this guy

Swordbattle is better than realmz

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