Realmz is a terria ripoff

realmz is a terria ripoff

ive played terraria since 3rd grade and it literally aint

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its an unpopular opinion for a reason

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bruh monke. Terraria hes much more pixelized graphics than realmz. plus realmz is eiser to navigate

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can’t you build and break in terraria?



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i have 600+ hours in terraria and i can confirm that you are braindead


Lmaooooooooooo. prookl do u have custom skin?

I can confirm that we are going to be organizing with each other to find where you live. Also this game is an ripoff.

Dear god


Is it a ripoff if its many times better than it?

fr fr

VALIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, bro, i think I was the first one to realize that. Ngl


you were the first one to realize you were mentally ill?
you cant break or place blocks in realmz
neither can you craft
terraria you also dont kill eachother unless pvp on.

idk why all the mentally ill think 2d game with good graphics = terraria clone


idk man, idk

your saying im the one whos mentally ill? your the one who says random numbers, slurs, and sends random pictures. you say every single quote known to man but in reverse, and you think your better than everyone. sociopath.

if you’re gonna yap at least make it true

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it is