Realmz SB Crossover Skin!

I present to you: THE REALMZ/SB SKIN!


Screenshot 2023-11-30 3.56.27 PM

if anybody would like to help me with this at all please take a screenshot, edit, then PM me the product. thank you.

The sword should be more swordbattle like, but besides that, its a good skin.

its not supposed to look like a SB sword

Well then what is it supposed to be?

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I think it’s just the image of the realmz sword, maybe resized.

This looks way too pixely for it to be added in tho.

could you help or no

Yeah, I still don’t think it should be added, its just a gray sword.

that’s the idea

Just make a skin for SB that looks like realmz and a skin for realmz that looks like SB. Having more skins is better and with the perspective of realmz, having 1 skin will almost never work

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Bruh wth

realmz skin shouldn’t have weapons in them like swordz cuz it’ll look weird when you have an actual weapon.

good idea i’ll work on that

Alright, resizing the realmz image made it slightly pixely, so I did my best to recreate it so it’s the right size.

EDIT: Changed the colors to hopefully match the ones in prookl’s image


this is correct one

I think the skin needs to be formatted to 300x300

i can make it bigger but thats gross

erth2 skin template - Google Drawings

Heres the realmz skin I made

not terrible. it does kinda look like a SB skin with realmz eyes ngl. (no offense)