Realmz Tierlist -By Sokushi

This is a decent teirlist in my opinion.
(not including devs)
S- 7Clappz, Prookl, chatban, Kodak Kodak
A- Lazorbak, RANDOM, Minion, Anonymous
B- XMAN, Lava, Riot, Hitman
C- Agent clan / PMX clan
F- The rest of u goobers

Tell me if i missed any


Why are all of your tierlists so inaccurate

fr, prookl u should make one

there’s already an accurate tier list.
as well as a top 10
Real Tierlist cuz yall have like 5 brain cells - - IO Games Forum
A True Top 10 Tierlist - - IO Games Forum

Booey u are on chad lvl

where am I I classify as J rank


u realis im the kodak kodak boy aight ?

Oh lmao you’re absolute garbage then i remember u.

ion even play u lil kid. if u wanna fights me, i cn 1v1 rn

i dont use the name prookl.
but get on lol


K im guest 272

where are you stop hiding scared

bud i got u low as a lvl 4 relax yo ahh im farming rn

getting someone low with another player helping you is not that impressive

I’m not A tier lol.


gives me a minutes lol im tryna record the vid but i needs to get rid of strge spac