Remove all biomes

I think all biomes except the og biomes (ice, grass and lava) should be removed. None of the new biomes add anything new excepted recolored blocks and it is just pointless. Add more weapons for pvp instead.

Yeah, for me (a complete beginner in realmz) the biomes don’t make sense and just creates a maze (in a bad way)

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I think having a large variety of biomes makes the game have more life and look more interesting

Could you elaborate on how they don’t make sense?

usefulness of biomes is heavily based on the map, if you have an ass transition to a biome its gonna be straight garbage.
but you also have woodlands and jungle, woodlands is literally just grasslands but worse, and jungle is just heavy grasslands.
they’d be epic if they had more purpose, also when mapmaking, you have to compromise a lot just to add this biomes.


this ENTIRE section of the map is biomes that are recolored versions of grasslands.

Each biome would have its own unique set of mobs in the future with each biome having a unique gimick

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desert and grasslands should be in a seperate map, where going to the far right of the map transfers u there.
(also allows for more room for epic ocean)

all the mobs do the same thing

There are going to be mobs a lot interesting coming in the future

i saw, (survival mode will have them) but we see for now

They might be rare spawns in ffa but I am not sure

plains, spawns easy mobs
caves, spawns harder mobs
lava caves, very hard
dungon, I don’t know why but the leader is always in it
ice, has stronger mobs
tribes, they have very strong mobs and a group of them
other, they seem and feel like plains

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from a beginner trying to understand the game, that’s what i noticed and I traveled across almost all the map

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