Replit Dead

After Replit Removed Comments And Ability To Run The Repls, Replit has lost around 600+ Members A Day maybe more, maybe less, I also stopped since I found out I cant get famous anymore guah :( I had a few repls that blew up but nothing special

Survive The Choices - Over 3K Runs
The Lottery - Around 2 to 2.5K I forgot
Common Facts About Replit - 900+ Runs

RIP Replit

2016 - 2024

obviously @gautam you can relate since ppl wont be able to play SB Through Replit Anymore

when i said 600 i meant losing over 600 a day

bruh moment

I was doing 20K runs/mo on Replit, one of the biggest reasons Sb started to lose players when they removed a ton of community features.

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Ye, My Repls Dont Got No Runs No More :sob:

That’s annoying…Rip replit.

I agree replit lost its core foundation on which it was build.


welcome to the community!

That is one ironic reply lol

that was one heck of an entrance tho ngl

It has been dead for like the past ~7mon

Found sb theough replit :pensive: i guess it wasn’t a great buisness model

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