Request to gautam (forum)

@gautam has been blocked for our school (slap and i)
While is not

Instead of redirecting to can you make it independent?

  • Yes!!
  • I don’t care
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I didn’t even know it redirected until a couple hours ago and now I’m confused as to why that’d be a thing cuz I don’t think it comes with any extra cost

So like make it a proxy for the forum?

I tried to do that before but Discourse is being annoying can you use for now? Its an old school http proxier configured to use the forum but for the time being i dont have any other option


Wait that exists? Never knew that


Also I’m pinging @Slapadabass so he can see too

I can log in just fine on my phone and i asked slap if im ip banned on any ip but it still doesn’t work…

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Same issues from my phone

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It’s says “You can’t log in as F1NN drop that IP address.”

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