Rook army

I justs said be a rook or die and every kid on the server decided to become a rook (there was a runner in the end i couldnโ€™t catch up to but oh well)


Tell me which class i should do this to next

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Samurai, really like the overlay for that class


cursed chess

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aaah i will do it tommorow maybe


roooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkks rule

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I be joining

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gimme the time

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I should make queen evol next

or King, u have to spam W to move 1 step at a time hehe

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King or Queen would be good though
we should have the entire chess board lol
we already have knight and rook


Make it so if the king dies everyone that has the rook evol dies too

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pawn evol, can only move up

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maybe queen could have a dash, where it can dash in any direction like how the queen normally can in chess.

oh so this is what you were talking about
(if I remember well I think if killed these people before)

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Yea I just threatened to join or die

Chessbattle. io


Ngl, Vampire and Samurai is overused and as soon as someone in top 100 uses it everyone in the server uses it so thereโ€™s no point in doing those

i would kill them all with ease

Except for me ;)

but you wonโ€™tโ€ฆ right?