Rules of

I remember my friend talking about these rules of the internet to me and how funny they were soo I thought I would make a post that mimics it :)

Rule 1: Don’t be that person
They will ruin your day somehow.

Rule 2: If their name ain’t blue, it’s a free kill
If someone isn’t signed in, they will have a black name above them instead of blue. If they aren’t signed in, they usually aren’t planning on playing for a while… sooooo no hard feelings. Right?

Rule 3: Chest etiquette
If you break a purple chest by yourself, it’s yours. If someone steals it, you are in the right to murder them. But if they contribute to the chest breaking, share it. Also, when you are large and evolved, please do not attack small, unevolved players and steal their chests from them. That’s just rude, and there’s really no need for you to go out of your way to do this.

Rule 4: Kill thief
Don’t steal a kill and its gold if someone has done all the work. This more or less works the same as chest etiquette.

Rule 5: Don’t. Spawn kill.
This happened to everyone who has been playing for at least a week and for all of you on here reading this, don’t act innocent. I know you’ve done it, don’t lie. This is extremely irritating, so we could all do each other a favour and wait till they are at their first evolution at least. For those of you who say skill issue, this is about not being a jerk, not being good at the game.

Rule 6: Don’t backstab
If you are teaming with someone and they go afk for a minute, don’t just start mindlessly killing them. It kinda ruins the point of the game if you just get coins without working for them. It’s also important to note that if you do backstab someone, they are likely to never trust you again and may do whatever they can to get revenge.

Rule 7: idk ima make this a wiki post

Rule 8: Don’t be the guy that constantly asks to 1v1 and gets mad at others when they don’t agree.

Rule 9: Don’t interfere in 1v1s.

When you see two people 1v1ing, try your best to keep your distance from them in order to avoid interfering. Definitely do not attack them either. If you do, they would be forced to redo the 1v1, and that’s just annoying.

Rule 10: Refrain from teaming.

This really isn’t a rule, more of a suggestion. It’s perfectly fine if you want to hang out and chat with your friends in game. But when it comes to fighting other players, please do not gang up on them and force your opponents to fight off multiple people at once. It is unfair to your opponents, especially if they are new to the game. If you really need someone to help you in fights, then you really shouldn’t be starting fights at all. Just try to improve your PVP skills.



May have forgot to make it wiki…


I love it with recent issues I think this is a good guideline because of people getting mad at each other

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Rule number two is false


Agreed. Sometimes, experienced players (like me) would be signed out to troll their friends.

Read that wrong

I broke all rules at least once

I want to say war crimes but they aren’t that bad

It’s true enough though I swear acol logged out of his account and did a 2 mil run when his data was wiped just so I wouldn’t be #1 on coin leaderboard

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Ur making ny point

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Man everything gotta have rules, rules, rules…

It is more courtesy than rules tbh if you wanna go spawn kill I’m not stopping you


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