(sad announcement)...iogames weekly

so a lot of you have noticed that iogames weekly has just…stopped recently.

and i wanted to make this post to give you an explanation. and…unfortunately…a sad announcement.

recently i have had a ton of workload, as well as me having to manage, plan, and create dozens of other topics and series…

and so here is the announcement.

iogames weekly will be temporarily shut down until i can find at least one more editor to help me create the newspaper.

because i simply cannot keep up with making a whole weekly newspaper alone, what with my other things i have to do.

thanks for your understanding,

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That sucks, will there be a process to apply?

yes, i will create a topic with a form shortly. only the best for iogames weekly! :saluting_face:

Wtf is iogames weekly


Can’t wait for iogames decadal

skill issue

Average “im Done” Video:

i actually don’t know what this is.

Its like a newspaper.


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