If you had 300M XP woudl you change it for 300,000 kills?

:+1: 300M XP | :-1: 300,000 Kills

If Acol Bullied you saying your weak would you became stronger then bully him?

:100: I would bully him back | :no_good_woman: I would be kind

This was an Off-Topic Exam Your Choices are marked on my wall




u cant buy skins with kills and no one cares about them
acol is russian. need i say more?

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:+1: :100:

damn russians never give up


bro thats my line :joy:

i know :joy: it’s too good to only be used by one person though

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:+1::100: (i dont like acol)

:+1: - I will get all skins
:woman_shrugging: - Don’t want to be mean to a person, especially acol.

:+1: a lot of people probably didn’t think of this, but kills are worth way more than coins in terms of xp, 300,000 kills would give me 900,000,000 xp, skyrocketing me to #3.

:100: acol is stank

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300,000 Kills.
I would be kind.

it’s a Joke :sweat_smile:



that was my first thought(but its only 90 mil)

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