Sb needs a role back

It pisses me off how people are taking advantages of these bots to do high runs and its not ok and people are making so much from it like how do you make 200k xp in 3 hours Cough* cough* oyoyo

I thought ppl where better than this but nah they gonna use a kid spamming bots to get 100k in a instant wow

This crap pisses me off
45 minutes for a 3m run 3m runs are like 6 hours at this rate this hacker could get himself top 1 in like 5 hours if he wanted to ._.
@incognitoes spread the word

yeah shadowblade announced that gautam will be deleting all coins gathered yesterday. good for the botter solution but has some drawbacks as well -

however! hopefully botting gets fixed soon.

wtf bro look

Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 1.06.32 PM


Working on adding recaptcha and will delete all the progress from yesterdya once that happens (maybe also current progress today if there were bots today)

Thank god it is rest lol hopefully it doesn’t have any unforeseen consequences :D

wasd you arent the solution

XD but the topic is solved anyway since gautam posted a reply so closing it