SB tips

Tips on being a good pvper in sb?
I was pretty good until I left for a year…
Also what evols are good?
lol this is my xp gain

Screenshot 2023-04-24 18.51.15
It took me 15 minutes to get 50k


For evols, all are good but vampire in my opinion


Warrior best evol


Sorry glaceon but I will trust the former #1 on this one

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Honestly warrior is the best, vampire is the worst with HORRIBLE health and it’s only good for running tbh. Knight is a bit smaller but the super (if you don’t know how to counter it is pretty good)no that’s my number 2. Rook next because of its incredible health and stats. But yeah.


honestly i think rook is better than knight because knight has like no range


How can you be good at pvp?

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By being good?

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yall wsup

thanks for the advice I will now be addicted to sb so I can be good

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Ok, warrior is 2nd for me.

buy a mouse

I think it is ethically questionable to use a mouse as free labour

as one of the best pvpers, the best tip u can get isnt a gameplay change, its a controls change. i see so many ppl using the mobile controls/ touchbad. all u need is a mouse and keystrokes. strafe with keys and time ur hits perfectly. other than that if u are lagging, get someone to protect your gold and relog; use warrior bc while it isnt as fast as the vampire/knight the significant health/reach increase is way better. the vampire and kinight specials are garbage and the rook is too slow. also extra pro strat- while u are collecting coins just skip tank. u move faster which makes u collect faster, unless u need to defend urself. wall/corner pinning is also a fundamental game mechanic, in which u need to know to fnsih off ur oppent. make them waste their special then make sure noone is around to kill u, THEN PIN EM. also teamates are op so join fc clan if u dont wanna croak.

noobs need mouses

knight is not that bad. just dont get trapped in a corner


so you don’t use mouse?

and pros use them anyway